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Whether you own or rent, live in a two-story house or high-rise condo, your home and its contents are likely among your biggest investments. Make sure they're protected with home property insurance. We have access to many of the top rated carriers to make sure you have the best coverage in place.

What is it?

“Are you looking for a local family agency that shares you love for your community? Is your family's home and other assets protected the way you feel they should be? Are you a business owner that needs an expert to help them protect what they have worked hard to build? Do you own investment properties and need to make sure they are insured with Advisors who specialize in property insurance?”


  • Homeowners Insurance- this important coverage ensures your home will be rebuilt to its like and kind prior to the accident or devastation.  Financed homes require it.


  • Renters Insurance-your landlord only covers the building where you live.  Renters insurance provides you legal liability coverage and replacement cost protection for your personal items in or away from the home you rent and legal liability.  


  • Condo Unit Owners- insurance is required to insure your personal property and any parts of your unit that aren’t covered by your condo association’s insurance policy


  • Manufactured Homeowners- provides replacement of your mobile/manufactured home in the event of an accident or devastation.  Financed homes require it.


  • Business Property- protects you and your business from the unknown


  • Farm and Ranch- provides protection for your farm home, other farm structures, machinery and equipment, and livestock


  • Flood and Earthquake Insurance- be prepared for a natural disaster such as flood or earthquake, which is not covered under your regular home policy.

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HomeownersWho Needs It?

It's not just about protecting yourself from the unexpected. When you buy a house, condo unit, or manufactured home, your lender typically requires home property insurance to cover the risk. Many property management companies and condo associations also require property and liability coverage for condo units and apartments. It makes sense to be proactive and get coverage at a price you can afford. Your Sky Insurance agent can help you identify your needs and choose the home property insurance policy to meet them.

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