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One morning this week while drinking coffee, I was scanning Facebook to see what the world was up to, while the rest of us were sleeping. As I was scrolling through today’s post, I noticed a post that said my niece’s house burnt down, and that they lost everything, including their cars. As I read the story of what happened, my heart became sad for their loss. For those of us that have not experienced a loss like this, it’s hard to imagine what that would be like, losing everything. When you suffer a loss like this, it’s overwhelming, and hard to know where or how even to begin putting your life back together.

Take a moment right now and take a look at your home, think of the all things you have collected over the years, the memories you have created. Think of the furnishings that you have bought that expresses your personality, the personality of your children. Wouldn’t that be devastating to think of experiencing such a loss? No one likes to think about losing everything, but if you were to think about it, what would I do? Being prepared is so important.

As insurance agents, we discuss coverage’s with our clients, and the importance of having the right amount of coverage in the event of a loss, rebuilding your home is just one part of the picture, how many of us could actually make a list of all our possessions and their value, after a loss? One way you can be prepared for the possibility of a loss is to go through each room and make a list of all your belongings, or go through and do a live recording of each room, so you have a record of what you own. Once you do this store it in a fireproof place or a safety deposit box. I know it could be a tedious job, but believe me; if you were to suffer a loss, you would be happy you recorded all your belongings.

As I read the last of the Facebook post, I read that this happened early in the morning, they were all up starting their day, when the smoke alarm went off, they quickly assessed what was going on, and was able to get themselves and their animals out safely before the house became engulfed. What if this had happened in the middle of the night? Do you have an escape plan, if you were to experience something like this? So many things to think about, but one thing is for sure, being prepared is very important for the safety of you and your family, so take it seriously, be prepared.

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Jenny Ebinger


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