Reflections by Jenny Ebinger – July

Today while listening to the news, they were covering the story of the death of yet, another famous person, who died by suicide. This story saddened me, the pain his family will go through, not just the loss of their father, but a husband and a son, but the pain of not able to help him through his own pain. This story, made me think of the many suicides that we have experience in our own community over the past year.

As a chaplain, I see the suffering that this kind of death leaves behind, so many unanswered questions for these families. Over this past year, I have come to appreciate the value of a small community, one that rallies around those who suffer great loss. I’m blessed to be in a ministry that allows me the opportunity, to help families navigate through their sorrow, and find a new normal.

Sky Insurance Brokers understands the value of community, we love being a part of a community such as ours. We continue to seek ways to give back, and the Chaplaincy is one of those ways, Sky has two Chaplains on our team, and are so blessed that we can provide support to our community in such difficult times. Sky Financial is always seeking ways to give back.

If I could leave you with one thing today, it would be, find ways to bless someone that crosses your path today. Whether it be a smile, a positive word of encouragement, or helping someone out with a need, take the time to extend yourself. You never know what someone is secretly going through, and that small act of kindness just may be the one thing that changes their path. Take the time to look up from your mobile devices and our busy lives, and experience the little miracles that happen around you on a daily basis, and reconnect with people, you won’t be sorry.


Written by: Jenny Ebinger

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