Refuse To Be Average agency award winner – 2020

We have an annual award at our agency titled the “Refuse to be Average” award. This is given out annually to one team member of the Sky family. It is voted on individually by the team. It is for the person that has gone above and beyond throughout the year, and best exhibits the company culture of refusing to be average. This is not based on a goal, production, or even anything trackable—the intangibles, the effort, and most importantly, their impact on their teammates. It is a special award and the most prestigious award within our agency.

We are honored to announce that the recipient for 2020 is Karen Yates.

Karen has been with Sky Insurance Brokers for three years. She quickly rose within the industry and became well known with our clients and preferred partners as a star. The level of care and pride she has with her work and helping clients is second to none. She has become a tactician and expert on policy coverage and carrier guidelines, which navigating California’s ever-changing insurance landscape is paramount. She has asserted herself as a leader within the Sky family. She is now the personal lines manager and leads the talented sales team we have at Sky. She was a driving force as we shattered growth records over the past year and helped many clients with their insurance needs. Karen is always available to assist a team member and often picks up extra tasks to assist others with their workload. She truly is deserving of this award and is loved by her Sky family.

“Karen is a major contributor and guardian of our company culture. She is a cornerstone to what we do at Sky Insurance Brokers and is a major part of our future growth plans. She is a blessing to have as part of our family.” -Erik Sjolie, principal.

The bottom line is she brings it every day with a smile, and we are so blessed to have her as a major part of the Sky Insurance Brokers family. Congratulations, Karen Yates, on the award and an amazing year.



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